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Heart Transplant Surgery

Millions of patients from across the world visit India every year for medical treatment for the treatment of various health issues. The quality of healthcare facilities along with success rate and low treatment costs are the biggest factors that are enabling the patients to choose India over other competitors.

A heart transplant surgery in India can be an easy process.  A heart donor must be available for the transplant to take place.  The selection of the heart donor has to meet certain parameters such as time spent on the waiting list, blood group type, antibodies developed by the recipient, and size of the donor organ. A heart transplant surgeon will conduct the surgery in India once the heart of a donor is available for the recipient.

Also, before the transplant the recipient of a heart or the patient must be assessed on different health parameters. If all organs are in healthy conditions and the recipient is free from severe infections or cancer. An experienced and skilled heart transplant surgeon will then conduct the surgery. After the surgery, stay in ICU for a few days with continuous monitoring is done. Depending upon the recovery, the patients are then discharged with prescription and lifestyle recommendations along with other details.

The estimated cost of heart transplant in India including organ recovery and transport charges, length of stay in the heart transplant hospital, expertise of skilled surgeons, hospital infrastructure and technology, recovery and rehabilitation and much more costs too less than other western countries.

One of the biggest advantages of selecting India as the medical destination is that one can access low-cost and high-quality health and wellness services at top Indian hospitals with accredited facilities.

Choose India as the preferred medical tourism destination to access standardized world-class care and medical services at the lowest pricing. At Hopeland, we arrange everything for our patients.  Do contact us through our contact us page now.