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Why India is Best Destination for Treatments?

Medical tourism in India

Medical Tourism is when an individual living in one country visits another country to get the medical treatment that is on much better than the care, they receive in their home country but at a much cheap value and affordable cost.

India gets on an average 200 thousand international patients/medical tourists annually, the main source being the developed countries like the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). Here are some reasons why India is best destination for Treatments.

1. Getting Medical Visa is easy.
Medical treatment in India

The introduction of the moderately new “M” visa in India makes getting visas for medical purposes a lot easier than ever. Visas are given out in a really short period of time, and the waiting period for most lifesaving procedures are almost not existent. Priority is given to the patients with the most serious or severe conditions. These are those patients that need the medical help on priority in order to avoid more medical complications, permanent disabilities, or sometimes even death.

Those who will have the difficult times obtaining visas for medical tourism will be those from underdeveloped or developing countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, or Pakistan. The government of India has achieved this visa journey program that ensures that people who need critical or priority-based treatment should get their visas on time without any delay. Being able to easily obtain a visa is one of the main reasons that people seeking treatment come from their countries to visit India to get that treatment that is provided at an economical price. Having procedures done on time without any delay has saved countless of lives, and is likely to save much more in the future.

2. Favorable Climate


India is known for its climate in many places. Climate of India is favourable for everyone. India also has various places to visit as per the climate. So whichever season you visit you will always have destination to visit as per the climate. For e.g. In Summer you can visit Kashmir, in Winter you can visit Rajasthan because it is favourable to visit at that time.

3. No Waiting Period for Treatments

No waiting period for medical treatment

The waiting period for procedures in India are usually not existing. Compare this to the other countries where sometimes people have to wait for weeks or even for months for essential and crucial treatments. That can extend to years for the procedures. This makes it clearer as to why there is an interest to travel to India to get the treatments done much more quickly. Having treatments done so quickly helps avoid any further complications and health problems in the future. These are problems could be caused by waiting longer in their home country. Many people use medical tourism in India as an option to get procedures done faster when they are fed up with the waiting period in their home countries.

4. Economic and Affordable Treatments

Medical tourism in India is economic

The cost of medical treatment in India is cheaper as compared to other countries. You can stay assured to get high standard treatment at an economical cost in India, which also includes your travel, food and accommodation too. Some treatments can be provided for little as 10% of the cost that it would be available for in the other western countries. Care in India is of top priority for every person working in medical field, and is the same as the care that would be received in their home country. The great savings of getting treatment in countries like India can provide the patient life-saving treatment that may not otherwise be afforded by them.

5. Advanced Technology and Advanced Doctors

Advanced doctors

India is full of doctors and specialists offering superior-class medical treatments with their study and years of experience in the industry. Doctors in India use advanced techniques that will increase the patient’s recovery rate and get their treatment done in short period of time. This makes medical tourism in India worthy. Spine Surgeon, Knee Replacement Surgeon, Cancer Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon, Heart Surgeon , IVF Doctor, Steam Cell Therapist, Kidney Transplant and all types of doctors and surgeons are easily available  round the clock with us.  

6. Famous Tourists Spots to Travel

Medical tourism tourist

India has a lot of famous tourist’s spot where the patients can visit during or after their treatment depending on the health and the distance. People get to go see tourists’ places of India and attractions that they may otherwise never get a chance to visit. Many people relish and jump on the opportunity to learn more about how people live in India, and this can sometimes be the best part of a medical tourism in India